Mid march 2020, when flights were cancelled and slowly all trips became impossible, writing became a challenge, too. Something changed. It was not yet tangible, least of all it had words.

One morning a hedgehog appeared on my desk and started to explain, how he does it – staying indoors, hibernating, or as Germans say: „einigeln“ (the noun for hedgehog is „Igel“, and the verb „einigeln“ means „retreating into your inner sanctum/ cocooning“).

Since then I have been drawing hedgehogs for myself and for others. I hope they make you smile. A column called „Einigeln“ appears as a regular in Germany’s leading Sunday paper „Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung“, online you can find them (with guest authors) in the sustainability magazine enorm, on my Insta account, and they have even found a way to German national TV (NDR). 

Here is a small selection. Happy hedgehugging, y’all.